King baby llama & mulberry silk

Baby Llama 70%
Mulberry Silk 30%

The highest quality silk available in the market.

Weight: 100 g/ 3.5 oz., 16 / 17 microns
Approx.: 200 m/ 218 yd.
Needle size: 4-5 mm/ 6–8 US
Gauge: 5 stitches per in. Worsted Weight

We bring you the best two fibers in the world.
King baby llama completely de-haired and mulberry silk processed in Italy.
The highest quality silk available in the market.
We then blended both in south america with the best king baby llama in the market.
This unique experience will bring elegance and love to any knitter. Luxuriously soft with a silky sheen. A unique product for that unique customer!!

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Mulberry silk from Italy is the highest quality silk you can purchase. It is made from silkworms that are raised in captivity under exacting conditions. It is also the most expensive type of silk. Mulberry silk is made from silkworms of the Bombyx mori moth. The moth has one job to do and that is to lay eggs. After it lays about 500 eggs, its job is finished and it dies. The tiny pinpoint size eggs are kept at 65 degrees Fahrenheit with the temperature slowly and carefully raised to 75 degrees Fahrenheit to hatch the eggs. The tiny silkworms that are born are then fed an exclusive diet of mulberry leaves 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Mulberry leaves are the only food the Bombyx mori moth will eat. After about a month of constant gorging on the mulberry leaves, the silkworms will have increased their weight about 10,000 times and will have built up enough energy to start spinning their cocoon. It takes anywhere from three to as long as eight days for the silkworm to weave the cocoon.

The cocoons are then kept in a warm place for several days. Great care is taken to ensure the silkworms do not hatch into moths because that would damage the cocoon and break the silk filament it has woven. To harvest the silk from the cocoons, they are place in water to soften the filament. The softened filament is then unwound from the cocoon. One filament can be up to 1,600 yards long. It takes 4-8 of the silk filaments woven together to create one mulberry silk thread.

The silkworms may have a short life with their only purpose to be providing silk, but those short lives are pampered ones. In addition to the constant fresh supply of mulberry leaves available to them, their environment is strictly controlled to prevent them from being subjected to loud noises and strong odors such as those from fish and the human odor of sweat.

The resulting mulberry silk thread is the strongest natural fiber in the world, making it incredibly durable. A silk fiber the same diameter as a fiber of steel is stronger than the steel.

The mulberry silk thread is also rounder, finer, smoother, and a lighter more uniform color than silk harvested from the wild where those silkworms have to eat whatever leaves and plants that are available to them.

Mulberry silk is also known as cultivated silk and bombyx silk but mulberry silk is the most commonly used term.

If you want the most luxurious, most durable, and finest silk yarn, look for silk made with 100 percent mulberry silk. Like ASLANTRENDS KING BABY LLAMA & ITALIAN MULBERRY SILK.

Mulberry silk IS 100% hypoallergenic, odorless and not needing any "airing out" before use like some of the lower quality wild silks. ONLY THE HIGHEST QUALITY FROM ASLANTRENDS.