1) box 1 = smaller square box / floor base
2) box 2 = tall thin box / lower and upper tower

Re: box 1

  • Open base box and remove all dowels inside bottom of the base. To remove, unscrew one side of cross bar.
  • Put all dowels aside / will use at the end.
  • Install all 4 wheels in each corner of base bottom. / use small screws.
  • Once you have all wheels installed put base in up right position, wheels on floor.

Re: box 2

  • Open second box and install lower portion of tower base to floor base. / use small screws.
  • Once the lower tower is secured to floor base proceed to install the top tower using the 2 provided mounted small pieces of wood.
  • Flip upward until you find matching hole by rotating top tower.
  • Once you match the hole, proceed to screw top tower with small screws.

Once full tower is secured proceed to arrange all dowels in the sequence that you like the most.

Install top sign with provided small screws (installation of top sign is optional).

Note: use provided black rubber instead of wheels if you want rack not to move.